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Peach ManiPedi Scrub

  • Perfect for manicures with no drip formula
  • 100% natural exfoliation (coconut shell & sugar)
  • Avocado (containing 7 vitamins), peach & castor oil
  • Hydrating
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Luscious peach scent
  • Perfectly sized to take on all mobile appointments
  • Ideal retail opportunity
  • Product size: 60g

This scrub will make all your ManiPedi treatments easier and more efficient - its thick consistency ensures that none of the product drips, so a little will go an extra-long way. It’s perfect for removing dead skin on hands and feet as Step 2 of your luxury ManiPedi service. Your clients will benefit from Avocado Oil (containing 7 vitamins) which supplements the lipid layer of the skin and soothes, whilst enriching Peach Kernel Oil softens and protects. Castor Oil stimulates the regeneration process in the skin. The additional ground coconut shell and sugar provide an all-natural exfoliation. A hypoallergenic and nourishing blend, the perfect prep for renewed S.K.I.N.

Apply to hands, feet, arms or elbows and scrub in a circular motion to naturally exfoliate and stimulate blood flow. Rinse with water. For a more intensive foot scrub, apply product onto your Peacci Smooth Foot File and work into dry and hard skin.

+ Ingredients

NZ$14.95 (GST excl.)

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